Welcome to the Center for Student Advising and Records!

The Center for Student Advising and Records is an integral part of the College of Education and Human Services CEHS)! From admissions processing to graduation, it is literally, the starting and finishing point for undergraduate and graduate students for CEHS. It is our responsibility to provide academic advising to all undergraduate students in the Benedum 5-Year Teacher Education Program, the new 4-Year Education Program, Child Development and Family Studies (CDFS), and for the first two years of the Speech Pathology and Audiology Program (Pre-SPA).

Other services we provide are transcript analysis, give academic advice to graduate students in Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies Program, as well as all non-degree and certification students. Additionally, we provide information on the procedures and requirements for completing doctoral degrees and maintain the data and process the forms for graduation. Another important function of this center is to manage the Graduate Assistant Application process for the College of CEHS.

It is our mission and sincere desire to assist students with all aspects of their academic planning while providing a foundation for appropriate academic decisions throughout their studies at CEHS! If you want any further information about CEHS Programs, Student Resources, or have any other inquiry, please contact us at 304 293-2169.


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