Praxis CORE Workshop

We can help you prepare for the Praxis tests! Join our workshop!

“Completing the praxis workshop helped me improve my studying and time managment skills. The tutors were really helpful, the only regret I have is not signing up earlier!” Paulina B.

Next Scheduled Workshop

The next scheduled workshop will be announced on here for the 2015 – 2016 academic year. Please check back soon!

You must attend all five workshop sessions AND all outside assigned tutoring sessions. Because the workshop ends with the beginning of a testing window, there are no make-up dates.

The room these sessions will be held to be announced.

Admission to the Workshop

A maximum of 16 students will be admitted to the workshop each semester. You must attend each session of the five-week workshop and sign the Participant Agreement stating that you agree to the terms of the workshop, including that you will take the Praxis Core at the end of the workshop (during the current testing window). You are encouraged to register for the Praxis Core as soon as you register for the workshop. This is done via DO NOT register for the PPST.

You will also need to reserve your space at the local Prometric Center by calling 304-293-0699.

Cost to Attend

The cost of the Praxis Core Workshop is $160.A check or money order made payable to West Virginia University must be received prior to full admission to the workshop. The $160 fee is non-refundable.

Your Responsibility

  • complete the Praxis Core workshop application
  • attend each weekly meeting of the workshop
  • use the practice CD
  • go online via and register for the Praxis Core (DO NOT register for the PPST)
  • meet a minimum of 45 minutes outside of the workshop with your tutor(s) each week
  • take the Praxis Core within the testing window at the end of the workshop
  • report your scores to the Praxis Core Coordinator
  • return the practice CD at the end of the workshop

While we cannot guarantee that you will pass the Praxis Core, the workshop is designed to help guide your preparation for the tests.

Praxis CORE Math Review

Preparing to take the Praxis CORE Math or the Mathematic subtest for Elementary Education? Let us help you!

Click here to view more information.

About the Praxis Tests

Praxis Tests are a series of American teacher certification exams written and administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The Praxis consists of two separate tests, Praxis 1 and 2. At WVU, Praxis tests 1 and 2, are required before entrance into some majors, during teacher training courses and for certification. Most states in the US require the Praxis tests in order to be a teacher in the classroom. Our focus for this Workshop is the Praxis 1, Core Academic Skills for Educators (Praxis Core).

Praxis Core consists of three exams: reading, writing, and mathematics. At WVU a passing score must be earned in all three areas by the end of the sophomore year for admission to the 5 Year Benedum Education Program, the 4 Year B.A. in Elementary Education Program, the Master’s and Certification Program, the Pre-School Special needs certification in Child Development and Family Studies and other Allied Programs (Art, Music, Agricultural Education, Health and Physical Education). The current passing scores for the computer based Praxis Core are:

  • Reading – 156
  • Writing – 162
  • Math – 150

The Praxis Core was developed to provide instruction/academic support for students who intend to pursue an elementary or secondary degree in Education or Pre-Kindergarten/Pre-Kindergarten with Special Needs and Pre-Kindergarten, Certification only. Students with a 26 ACT or 1170 SAT are exempt from the Praxis Core.

The current cost to take the Praxis Core tests via is $135 for all three content areas (combined), $125 for two areas and $85 for individual content areas.